The agenda for the week before finals

With one week left before finals, we have officially entered into so-called dead week. Although I don’t know about you, but I have two tests this week. However, before we all hole up for the weekend studying, or not studying if RogerHub tells you that you only need a 73% on the final to get an A, there are many opportunities to support your fellow classmates and show some school spirit.

Tonight, the basketball teams are competing against Tualatin. Girls basketball has a home game while boys basketball has an away game, both at 7. 

The rest of the week, sports will be competing against Oregon City. Wrestling has a home match Wednesday against Oregon City, and swim has a meet at 4 at Oregon City. 

The long awaited silent night game will be this Friday. Boys basketball will be playing at 7 against Oregon City, so show up in costume and show up silent. Girls basketball also has a game against Oregon City on their turf at 7.

The Diversity Council is meeting Wednesday at 3:35 in Teresa Sanchez’s room 117. There is a Fine Arts Showcase Friday night from 7-9, so show up to support the artists of LOHS. 

In addition, this week Winter Formal tickets go on sale ($20 with ASB; $22 without; $25 at the door), which will be on Saturday, Jan. 25, from 9-11 at Pure Space 1315 NW Overton St. 

So don’t forget to pay attention to the review lectures and have a great week, Lakers!