Weather forecasters suck: no snow this week

So, here we are, at school, and while the weather outside remains bitter cold, snow did not prevail. Let’s take a moment to mourn the loss of our no-school days, and another to be annoyed at the deception we all experienced this past week.

Let’s be honest, there was always a part of us that didn’t think it was going to snow, or at least not enough to cancel school. However, with constant headlines such as “Portland weather: Rain, rain, rain and then snow possibly Tuesday?” and “Latest snow forecast: ‘Much higher potential’ for snow in lowlands, including Portland” and “Portland weather forecast calls for possible snow Monday night into Tuesday,” it is not surprising that some of us got our hopes up.

All I can say now is this: forecasters suck. They can accurately predict the weather about half the time and the other half changes that day. Especially for Portland, I could’ve predicted the weather for this week (hint: a lot of rain). I think that instead of an actual science, weather forecasters just randomly generate the little weather icons and make up the rest on the spot. 

All weather forecasters do is disappoint and I am not here for it. Sure, predicting the weather is difficult, and sure, there probably was some truth to their forecasts. However, I just wanted to skip my Physics test and the fact that I will be here tomorrow, I blame on the weather forecasters.

I am grateful the finals schedule wasn’t screwed up, as who knows what would have happened if finals were pushed back? But I would have also appreciated a nice cozy day at home or a white, picturesque golf course to sled down. I suppose there’s always hope for February.