Our newest Mental Health and Wellness Counselor is also a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. There may be a correlation between the two.

Freshmen aren’t as bad as were presumed, but the sophomores still make up the deficit. Class of 2022 still scary.

There is a Pulmonary Disease notice in every installment of the Principal’s Newsletter, just in case you juulers are interested in staying healthy.

The school has gifted tens of thousands of dollars to teachers in the form of TVs, laptops, Macs and even IPads and Apple Pencils, but you’re telling me we can’t just pay people to take our SATs?

Shhh, nobody tell Lakeridge that Charlie Cobb likes us better.

Shout out to all varsity athletes that shave their heads to be on the team, but sit on the bench. My heart goes out to you.

If nicotine is your crutch, tiktok is my nose candy.

Students hit a huge fork in the road when they had to choose between raiding area 51 and fighting climate change.

I’m waiting for the day when it will be acceptable to call a Black Out game a Black Out game, again. Maybe Admin’s worried Justin Trudeau is helping with the costumes?