Lake Oswego girls rugby team thrives

Rugby is a fast-paced, tough, and action-packed sport, which the Lake Oswego team has been crushing lately. In teams of 7, the teams tackle each other in attempts to carry, kick, and pass their ball into the endzones.

The girls are from LOHS, Lakeridge, Beaverton, Century High School, and Tigard, and they play games every Saturday at varying times at Glenhaven Park.

The game tends to be violent, but the teammates think of each other as family. The teams are very friendly with each other- despite the injuries they give each other during the fast-paced games.

Gigi Phelps, a junior from Lake Oswego High School who has been playing rugby for eight years, told us about her own list of injuries: “A concussion, I’ve dislocated my shoulder a couple times, broke and dislocated my finger, bruises and scrapes, and broken ear cartilage.”

Another junior from LOHS, Katie Cantrell has been playing for five seasons, or two and a half years, and has sprained her ankle and had a grade two AC joint shoulder sprain.

Despite this, the players are still in love with their game. “My favorite parts are the friendships and the people,” Says Nincy Vasques from Aloha High School.

Clara Sheppard, a junior from LOHS, agrees that working with teammates is the most exciting aspect of the sport; “my favorite part is being able to catch the ball and handing it off to someone else.” Being a part of a team is a unique experience that is necessary for anyone on a rugby team, including those on Lake Oswego’s “Lady Barbarians”.

Lake Oswego’s rugby team has been together for one year now, and even won the Oregon rugby state championship in October last year. The team has definitely made a name for itself in its two years since establishment.

If you ever have a free Saturday, show school spirit and support the rugby team for free. The fast paced games will keep you interested the entire time.