Girls bowling comes to LOHS

The newest addition to the Lake Oswego High School athletic teams is Girls bowling. Last year during one of the support seminar sessions students filled out a digital survey. The survey had questions about many aspects of the school, one of them asking if the students wanted to play another sport, what sport would it be?

“We saw from the numbers that a large amount of people wanted bowling” said Bowling Coach Chris Hill.

After not thinking about it for awhile, Mr. Hill and Mr. Baker started to “actually think about what it would take to start a team.” They started to figure out how many teams they would be playing and other small details like jerseys and practice locations.

According to freshman Chloe Collier and sophomore Grace Van deusen, “We practice twice a week in November and have two bowling tournaments.”

When asked when the girls decided to sign up, they said, “My friends signed up and I thought it would be a fun sport to do in the winter. I thought it was a great opportunity and it would be super fun!”

The girls were also excited about the fact that there were no tryouts. This means that everyone who plays will be on varsity and will receive a varsity letter.

From the looks and sounds of it, girls bowling seems like a great experience for all who are involved.