In years past, kids have attempted backflips at school dances. This year, there were just a lot of black outs.

Indubitably, the slow dance at Winter Formal was the most fun, not for the singles out in the crowd, but for the teachers getting to watch.

Hurling a wadded up piece of paper across the room and yelling “Kobe” will never be the same.

People may say being indecisive is a negative quality, but I’d disagree when, just for a random example, our Congress and Supreme Court is so divided nothing good gets done.

Congress was so fast at shutting down vaping, but somehow are confused that things like school-shootings do damage to our society.

Everyone been hating on “Cats,” but maybe that’s just another outlet of kink-shaming the furries.

It’s funny that people are freaking out about the coronavirus when it’s just a mysterious lung virus. I mean it’s not like “Train to Busan,” or anything… yet.

Trump got impeached, but I guarantee if you ask a single LOHS student’s opinions on it, they’d have to stop you at who Mitch McConnell is.

I’m not even that religious, but I pray that heaven is a world without white kids throwing gang signs in their winter formal photoshoots.