Beach Bunny’s Concert was a Blast

Makenna Klein, Staffer

Monday, March 9 I had the amazing opportunity to see one of my absolute favorite bands, Beach Bunny, in concert with my best friend. Beach Bunny is an indie-pop band best known for their single “Prom Queen.” They recently came out with an album, Honeymoon, in which they played at this concert. Although I love their new album, it was amazing seeing them play their older songs that I have been listening to (and obsessing over) for years. 

I have been to quite a few concerts (9 or more), this is one of the nicest crowd’s I have experienced. Sure there was a fair share pushing and shoving, but at what concert is there not? The people there were very considerate and everyone was very into the music; including the two opening bands: Field Medic and Indigo De Souza. I had never heard of these musicians before, but was very pleased to be introduced to them. Field Medic was a dude I can use no other word to describe besided “rad” that had a handlebar mustache and mullet (flippin’ awesome). Indigo De Souza was a band of about 4 people; the lead singers voice gave me CHILLS.

Sage (my friend) and I started in the back, but thanks to my enthusiasm, we were able to make it to the very front. After we made it to the front, Lili (the main singer) had the crowd perform a “Death Wall.” This is when the crowd splits in two down away from the middle of the room, and when the beat drops everyone crowds back to the middle. Fearing death from someone elbowing me in the face, this experience was both terrifying and fun. Being in the front involved a lot of jumping, pushing, screaming, and sweating. Right when I got in the car I crashed from heat-stroke (not actually, but I was really flippin’ hot). 

Overall, Sage and I agree that the energy at this concert was some of the best energy we both have experienced at a concert before. Sure I am biased, but seeing Beach Bunny in concert gets a 5/5 star’s from me.