Celebrities are exempt from getting Covid

Olivia Ellerbruch, Editor-In-Chief

Throughout the entirety of the COVID crisis in our nation, one glaring reality that has been noticed is the distinct differences in safety measures and precautions that every individual is taking with the virus. Celebrities are always in the spotlight, and currently it seems as though the risks that they take with COVID is what has been getting them in the headlines. 

As we’ve always known, celebrities can basically do whatever they want, because they have near unlimited resources and money. COVID has certainly not stopped them from living their non-socially distanced lives. 

One of the biggest celebrity COVID scandals happened in October, when Kim Kardashian revealed that she had taken a bunch of her friends and family to a private island for her 40th birthday. She claims that it was a private excursion and that she tested everyone before in order to be safe, but still got slammed in the media. 

I have a love-hate relationship with the Kardashian Klan; I know that they are basically famous for doing nothing, but I still keep up with their every move and am so invested in their lives. I looked at all her posts and captions from the trip, and understood why she was getting so much criticism. She didn’t specify what health screenings they did before the trip, was it simply quarantining or were they tested multiple times? 

There were also obviously workers there cooking their food, cleaning their rooms, etc., which means that it wasn’t private as she said and that she was putting all these workers at risk. Governments are advising against non-essential travel, and this was clearly non-essential, but she did it anyway. Though, she got criticized in the media for a bit, I believe, she deserved to get slammed so much harder. What she did was so incredibly reckless and just proves how if you have money, you can be as selfish as you want. 

There are so many other examples of celebrities doing whatever they want during COVID, but one of the largest groups that is doing so is Tik Tokers. Now, if you don’t really follow Tik Tokers, I’ll give you a few bits of information as to the numerous risks they have been taking. Many of them have been going to large parties, and doing extraneous collaborations with many different creators. There are more specific hotspots that they have all been going to such as a restaurant called Saddle Ranch, and a Hairdresser named Chrissy who does not wear a mask. Needless to say, they seem to care very little about taking safety precautions and being socially distant because they can simply afford to buy a test after doing whatever collab they want, whereas for most of us, we need to have symptoms or get a doctor’s order to even get a test, which is a difficult and extraneous process. 

It has been made very clear that celebrities have their own agenda when it comes to COVID. Yes, there are so many incredible influencers that have donated to healthcare workers, and have done their part to socially distance. But, unfortunately they got overshadowed by all of the reckless creators. They have decided to continue on with their lavish lifestyles while the rest of the population is suffering during this pandemic, and as long as they keep their spots on the social media hierarchy, they will keep doing whatever they want without caring if they contribute to spreading the virus. Please, instead of obsessing over all of the immature influencers that clearly do not care about the rest of the population, support the celebrities that have done the right thing and have helped healthcare workers, and have tried to educate their fans on the dangers of this virus.