Wonder Woman 1984 disappoints audiences

Payton Zagacki, Editor-in-Chief

After waiting for over a year past the original release date, comic fans finally got “Wonder Woman 1984.” Some people are praising the most recent DC movie. Variety said, “It whisks us away from our worries, erasing them with pure escapism.” But while the movie is very visually appealing, including significantly brighter scenes than the last movie, that’s where the good stops.

To start, the plot is very confusing. New villains are introduced with little to no background information. Existing characters, even Diana herself, were not nearly as well written as they were in the first movie. The writers even go as far as to resurrect Chris Pine’s character, Steve Trevor but not in the way you would think. Instead of bringing back his character in a more normal way, writers bring back his conscience and put it in the body of a completely random person. Wonder Woman has always been a symbol of female empowerment and feminism, yet this movie throws in an unnecessary love interest and makes her story about losing a man.

Then there are also the lackluster special effects and stunts. The crossing of no man’s land and the final battle in the first movie contained some spectacular special effects. Sadly, the second movie just couldn’t live up to the standards of most viewers. Viewers love to watch superhero movies for the realistic effects that make you feel like what you are watching is real. The effects in “Wonder Woman 1984” were so clearly fake that it was hard to watch.

The anticipation of the new film definitely had viewers hoping for another box office hit from DC. Sadly, they could not deliver. While “Wonder Woman 1984” is definitely not the worst DC movie I have seen, it is not anywhere near the top of my list. “Wonder Woman 1984” is now out in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max.