Dashing through the snow- A sneak peak at the LOHS ski and snowboard teams


The 2021-2022 LO ski team poses for a picture during last year’s season.

Nidhi Nair, Editor-in-Chief

Members of the 2021-2022 LO snowboard team at last year’s state competition.

The transition into the new winter season brings the excitement of beloved LOHS winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. 

As a part of the Three Rivers Ski League, the LOHS ski team competes against 10 other schools throughout Oregon. Last year, the team participated in six races in addition to the State Qualifiers competition. In 2023, the LOHS ski team is currently scheduled to partake in at least seven races this season, the first being Kelsey’s Race at Meadows hosted by the Mt Hood League on Jan. 7. The state championships are also expected to take place at Hoodoo on March 2 and 3.

Junior Max Wood is a returning member of the LOHS ski team this year. “A major goal of mine for this season is to really focus on improving my performance on the hill, and trying to get faster with each run,” said Wood. He is looking forward to the team’s upcoming Idaho trip, and finds enjoyment in ski practice by spending time with friends and observing the peaceful mountain scenery. “I’m also really excited about all of the new faces on the team and how many underclassmen joined this year,” commented Wood, “It’s fun getting to see how the team keeps growing and changing each year!”

The LOHS snowboarding team carries a history of major success, as the girls team victoriously won the SATO state cup last year. Going forward into the upcoming season, the snowboard team members are making a significant effort to keep their winning streak going and hopefully bring home the state title once again. Practices are expected to occur every Thursday, beginning in late December. A typical practice for the team usually consists of traveling to the mountain, boarding in the snow and enjoying a team dinner together.

In addition to regular races, the snowboard team also participates in four major competition styles: bank slalom, a timed course that includes obstacles and jumps; border cross, similar to bank slalom but racing against other competitors; freestyle, which includes jumps, boxes and rails; and half pipe, with a half tube shaped ramp. “I am most excited for half pipe,” said sophomore Lyla Hawk, “it’s super fun, and the snow is also a lot better this season.”

Senior Thea Watzke has been snowboarding for five years and usually travels to Mt. Hood to snowboard. “I am looking forward to the competitions because everyone is super hyped to be there. My major goal this year is to bring home the SATO cup for a second year in a row (win state),” said Watzke.

Ultimately, what keeps these Laker winter sports alive and successful is the inclusive environment and endless support that they foster, as Watzke stated, “no matter if you have snowboarded or not, there is always a place for someone. Everyone cheers for everyone.” 

Similarly, Hawk said, “I love snowboarding because the sport and the team allow me to try new things and not feel worried about looking dumb. It also allows you to explore a unique environment while also exercising.”

As the new sports season approaches, be sure to wish the best of luck to LOHS’ ski and snowboard team members as they speed their way through the snow.