Prom transforms the night into “bittersweet” memories


Kai Donohue, News Editor

Prom 2023 commenced in style at none other than the Portland Art Museum on Saturday May 13, marking the end of an amazing season of dances. The chosen theme for this year’s prom was an enchanting masquerade, resulting in  students breaking down on the dance floor in decorative masks and attire. 

The location was well decorated, tastefully adorned with decorations and an ambience that was anything but disappointing. Balloons in hues matching the color themes of traditional masquerade masks filled the room. Along with this, the room’s architecture itself complemented the fancy theme, layered with white roman pillars, stone wall decor and bronze carpeting. To make the scene even more alluring, the venue featured a multi-level design. The main floor was sunken, holding tables for congregating and an essential dance floor complete with a DJ booth. There was also an illuminated prom sign which provided the perfect backdrop for group photos and social media posts. The second floor bore over the first, allowing for others to view the dance from above. The floor offered a slew of accommodations, consisting of bathrooms as well as the classic photo booth for printed photo strips to capture memories in style. Along with these prom necessities were stands containing cookies, macarons and bottled water for those who built up an appetite during the dance or needed a break from the heat. Unsurprisingly, the macarons disappeared within the first 30 minutes of the event.

As the night continued forth, the room transformed into a spectacle as the lights dimmed and vibrant spotlights painted the dance floor in hues of red, blue and purple. These captivating lights were accompanied by a DJ and an impressive song line up to match. The crowd’s enthusiasm exploded in the presence of classics like “I Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas, “Love Story” by Taylor Swift and “Yeah!” by Usher reverberated throughout the room. In keeping with more current trends, recent chart-toppers that have been exploding on social media were also played, including popular tracks like “Just Wanna Rock” by Lil Uzi Vert and “Boy’s a Liar” by PinkPantheress. 

Junior Alex Wang said, “It was really good. The dance was well done because compared to the other dances it was not too crowded and people still got hyped.”

Marking the nearing of our school year’s end, Prom 2023 was surprisingly refreshing. The night overflowed with excitement, friendship and celebration – encompassing the creation of memories that will last a lifetime. Bittersweet, the dance has forced us to reminisce on the year and its events, to realize and acknowledge the accomplishments that we’ve made, and to understand that the past is the past, and that the future still holds so much. The dance ended in a wave of applause and cheers, the room lights switched back on, and prom was officially over.