Main lobby reconfigured for schoolwide safety

LOHS, along with the rest of the Lake Oswego School District, revamped its security this summer. The main lobby has been reconfigured to include  new glass wall. According to Assistant Principal Ryan Rosenau, these security changes can be attributed to the 2021 LOSD Bond, a $170 million initiative that passed two years ago.  Since then, infrastructure has been built by security company “True North.” 

In the process of consultation, True North informed the School Board that in emergency situations, the most effective resource is time. Forcing  a potential shooter to pass through the office, would provide that critical time. 

Currently, the glass wall isn’t finished. (It also isn’t bulletproof.) Right now, anyone can walk into the school, but the two open spaces framing the entrance to the school will soon be   updated with new wooden doors similar to the ones that were there last year. Mr. Rosenau described that the new doors,allow everyone–including the office–to stay protected. 

Along with the new physical changes to the school, the School Board is also hiring a new mental health counselor due to “students’ violence against themselves, which is… harmful in today’s society,” said Rosenau.