LOSD Hires Second School Resource Officer

Over the summer, LOSD hired a second School Resource Officer (SRO). The hire was part of an extensive response to an 850 page report by True North Consulting, according to the Lake Oswego Review. “It hasn’t changed what I do on a day to day basis,” said Officer Bryan Sheldon, one of the district’s SROs. Sheldon works in and around LOHS, LOJ and the local elementary schools that feed into them, ensuring student safety.

Having two SROs in the district means Sheldon feels he will be “able to increase [his] presence” at LOHS.  The second SRO will help improve efficiency and maintain community relations. “It’ll make safety and security on our campuses a lot better,” said Sheldon.

In addition to hiring a second SRO, the district has made an effort to upgrade other aspects of security, including an increased amount of security cameras, a newly-built security vestibule and the Raptor security system used for screening visitors.

These changes to security were finalized through the aforementioned 850 page report. “All of the safety upgrades being incorporated in every building were the highly recommended corrective actions [of said report],” said LOSD Safety and Security Administrator John Parke. “The LOSD school [building] bond was passed by the voters of Lake Oswego…Some of the money generated by the building bond included safety upgrades in every building. Some of the safety upgrades you will see come on line this fall are the security vestibule at the entrance to your school, the Raptor visitor management system, and enhanced video surveillance,” said Parke. The second SRO was paid for not by this bond, but by levy funding passed earlier in May of this year.