Sony and Disney dispute over rights to Spider-man

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In 2015, Sony made a five movie deal with Marvel studios that allowed Spider-man to be a part of the Marvel cinematic universe. Since this deal, this friendly neighborhood Spider-man has been in three movies, but Sony cannot use his character in his own, well-deserved extended universe until the deal ends.

The MCU director has said Sony has made a big mistake about how they dealt with their contract. At the moment, Spider-man is out of the MCU, and the character will most likely suffer because of this. It seems Sony thinks they will be able to make Tom Holland’s Spider-man amazing and equally impressive as what we’ve seen so far in the MCU. Marvel fans are justifiably upset seeing that Tom Holland will not be the Spider-man in the up and coming films, most fans of Tom Holland’s Spider-man blaming Sony. Instead of the company they should upset at: Disney.

As of 2009, and after the cost of $4 billion, Disney owns the rights to Marvel entertainment. Purely for commercial reasons, the money from the films produced by Marvel Studios. Disney is raking in some serious bank from the character, leaving Sony glad they made the contract so they can get some of the money from the character rights eventually.

But in reality, Disney is wrong for all of this. They keep buying animation and comic companies, basically flexing their buying power. They own over 30 percent of the market share in entertainment to date and they continue to rake in literal billions in profit each year, they can’t stop.

What rattles my bones is how they ended the latest Spiderman movie on a huge cliff hanger, knowing full well that they had the contract for only five movies. This leads me to think Disney just thought they could make another one or just buy out Sony to make more. It’s disappointing for a company to think they can go against a contract just because they are objectively more popular then another company they are working with. And so I leave you with some new perspectives about Sony and Disney and how they are dealing with the popular Tom Holland’s take of the loveable Spider-man.