California passes new bill to begin paying student athletes

California changed the game by signing a bill that will come into fruition in 2023.  This bill will allow student athletes to receive “compensation in relation to the athlete’s name, image, or likeness…” To make it a little more simple, student athletes will be able to make money off their autographs and be able to have their own shoe.  This particularly affects the athletes who come from lower level income homes and struggle to pay the expensive bills associated with college.

Casey Filkins, star running back on the high school football team, is currently verbally committed to the University of California – Berkeley.  As a future student athlete in the state of California, and one who will be there, until the year 2023 Filkins said, “I think it’s great for athletes to have the opportunity to profit off their image and likeness…”  For a long time, the National Collegiate Athletic Association has strictly prohibited their student athletes from making money off their image and that is something that they can no longer do.

“I think it forces the NCAA to really think about how they will handle this topic in the future,” said Filkins about the NCAA.

California has seemingly started a trend, as many other states have put a bill into place or have said they will.  The states that have started to follow are Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington.  This follows Casey Filkins opinion, as he “thinks a lot could change.”