Wide receiver Joe Hutson for play of the year

On Nov. 29, LOHS played Jesuit High School at the Hillsboro Stadium for the OSAA football semi-finals. At a crucial moment of the game, senior wide receiver and defensive back Joe Hutson made an unexpected and thrilling play for Lake Oswego.

Hutson’s play of the game happened near the end zone when Jesuit’s Jack Heyden threw it to his teammate senior Kade Wisher, who looked like he was about to score a touchdown. “Once we hit the five-yard line, I knew I was a step behind him, so I used my long arm to my advantage and swung and hit the ball … it was the money shot I guess.” Hutson continued, “We practiced pursuit drills every week, so I had a good angle for the way we practiced. I’ve seen it on Sundays — NFL players do it a lot — so I thought I would try it, and it worked out for my benefit and I caught it in mid-air.”

This phenomenal move made it onto the SportsCenter Instagram page, an account with 15 million followers. As of Dec. 18, the video has over 1 million views. Additionally, the play has been featured on SportsCenter’s Top 10. A multitude of other broadcasting and social media platforms in Portland and around the nation commented on and showcased Hutson’s remarkable hustle during fourth quarter. The crowd was astounded by his incredible play and so were his teammates and coaches.

Hutson has been committed to the U.S. Naval Academy since the end of August and will be continuing his football career through college. See the SportsCenter video at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5iM1ONnSp5/.