Senior Wills: Class of 2020

I, Aaron Rudder, will the football kickoff tee to Thomas Rainey.
I, Abigail Brown and the rest of the senior dockside dollies, will the dockside dollies to Olivia Hanson and the Jewish Student Union to Jessica Friedman.
I, Alicia Lopez, will the ASB Presidency to Clark Jones.
I, Alina Marijke Michelet, will my iconic ‘uh oh’ exclamation and my bowling skills to Colbi Klock and Alicia Li, respectively. (Sorry Colbi, Alicia needs it more)
I, Alyssa Focht, will my Zoloft to Jovie Chen
I, Alyssa Seibt, will my entire rock collection (geodes included), my chaotic energy, and my love of otters to Mary Seibt. I also will my position as a mock trial team captain to Sameer Khan.
I, Andrea Yang, will all my pencils with good erasers to Jack Webber and everything else to Amy Liu.
I, Andrew Johnson, will my charisma and chaotic energy to my sister, Katherine Johnson.
I, Andrew Tena, will my clout to Sameer Khan.
I, Annie Chang, will sound manager role to Tirzah Vest.
I, Ashley Piccolo, will my position as a mock trial team captain to Pearson Duden
I, Alayna Frentress, will my, sometimes useful, inexplicable social anxiety to Jovie Chen.
I, Avery Holmes, will my little sister, Reagan, to Avery Csaszar.

I, Ben Altman, will my naivety to the incoming freshman class.
I, Benjamin Weber, will the wind ensemble clarinet section to Alana Penoyer.
I, Bode Trappett, will my America Flag Short Shorts to Eli Zade Ross
I, Brogan Deem-Ranzetta, will my running abilities to Dublin Gingerich.

I, Caroline Cohen, will my Laker Dance duffle, LOAD punch card, and optimism to Amelia Edelberg
I, Carter Daniels, will my Lake Views reporter position to Riley Daniels
I, Casey Filkins, will Luke Filkins all of the clothes and shoes that he has taken from me, and that I will leave behind.
I, Chris Hofmann, will my exit velo to Blaise Heher
I, Christine Wang, will our laker crew kids and my cup pong legacy to Clark Jones
I, Connor Menesi, will all my determination and success in the work related field to any Student that I’ve interacted with in the last year.
I, Connor Willihnganz, will the lacrosse teams jockstrap to Ryan DeRaeve

I, Dalia Liu, will a place on the Business Services Marketing podium to Gabe Levy (please don’t create any more questionable businesses).
I, David Zager, will Praveer Sharan my voluminous meme collection
I, Destiny Hazeri, will the burden of laughing at Bob’s bad jokes to next year’s Psem class.
I, Devi Charlton, will my pre-competition playlist of aggressive emo rap to Shea Ivey.
I, Drew Scarlett, will all my wallball serves to Charlie Owens.

I, Elliott Lloyd, will the presidency of the GSA to Grace Goverman. I will keeping the pep band hyped to Brooke Plasse.

I, Fiona More, will my horse girl stature to Cassidy Cardwell

I, Gabe Coder, will my batting gloves and locker to Andrew Wong.
I, Ganesh Palaniappan, will my sense of humor to Nate Foster.

I, Haily Oldham, will lane 2 to the laker polo/swim boys.
I, Haley Halvorson, will my GPA and caffeine addiction to Jacob Halvorson and my amazing music taste to Sammie Tessier.
I, Hans Peter Schimmelbusch, do hereby will my superior comical skills to Jack Kilshaw.
I, Henry Sorenson, will my cleat game to Ryan DeRaeve.
I, Hood Rich, will #3 to Calvin Macy.

I, Isabella Merino, will my Spanish skills to Kate Welton.

I, Jackson Saefke, will my bedroom to Parker Saefke and my car to Caden Saefke.
I, Jake Archambo, will the Passat to Max Archambo.
I, Jake Archambo, will my spot in the Jamba Squad to Grayden Smith.
I, Jamie Kojiro, will my unending ability to be annoying in English class to Grace, who’s never been annoying in her life and should try it out sometime, and whatever speech and debate brain cells I have to Sheila, not that she needs them; she’s ultra-talented.
I, Jensen Kaelin, will the soccer van to Kendall Kaelin and #8 volleyball jersey to Vivi Kaelin.
I, Jessica Lion, will my voracious appetite of reading to Erin Bowers.
I, Johann Shahalami, will Luscher Farm to Mason Smith.
I, Josie Everett, will my mock trial captain position to Liza Wadell.
I, Julia Woolf, will the Explorer to Jack Woolf and borrowing rights to the clothes I leave at home to Jordan Woolf. I will my spot on the vb bus to Kaitlin Onaitis, Audrey Wojcik, Makenna Joyce, Kora Buttville, and Kendall Kaelin.

I, Kate Diedrich, will the role of Mr. Grosse’s favorite DA to Rachel Sasadeusz.
I, Katie Freeman, will my incredible twerking skills to the whole lacrosse team. May the legacy live on.
I, Kaylen Schwartz, will my double late arrival to Mariam Nechiporuk and my foods kitchen, all my jokes about Kyla Schmitt being emo and not choosing a major to Alex Aghdaei, and my teachers’ low expectations for my punctuality leading to them being overly excited when I’m actually on time for the first time in weeks to Praveer Sharan.
I, Kelly Simmons, will leadership of the Drama program to the three senior girls; Ellie DeVine, Anna Hovey, and Sarah Novitsky. May you all lead with kindness and an absurd amount of theater wackiness.
I, Kelly Simmons, will Andrew Huang as the official leader of all improve activities, constant positivity, and tea provider.
I, Kelly Simmons, will Logan and Lucy my warm hugs during choir.
I, Kiana Langeliers, will my early-onset senioritis to Reed Langeliers.
I, Kristin Andrew will Natalie Redpath my skills of beating everyone to the pasta feeds
I, Kyla Schmitt, will my position as #1 CX debater to Clark Jones, the esteemed title of “debate captain” to Ellie Tanimura, a ticket to see his favorite political pundit (Charlie Kirk) in concert to Jake Watson, my unparalleled orchestra practice ethic to Ashley Lewis, my vast knowledge of women’s history to Harry Canfield and my aux cord to Alex Aghdaei.

I, Lance Pancoast, will the role of XC Hype Beast to Tino Mehaffey, my ‘meh’ face racket dampener to Chris Dettmer, the broken tambourine in the percussion locker to Gabe Porter, and the responsibility of actually knowing how to play Techno to Chris Brown and Charlie Owens.
I, Lauren Joyce, will Lolita to Emily Joyce, parking space #76 to Dylan Gustaff, my math abilities to Quinn Greene, and the spirit of Shakerlita to Logan Ducker and Lucy Christensen.
I, Lauren Welton, will the Welton family legacy to Kate and Julie, on the condition that they welcome Ben as a freshman, and teach him all that all I taught them.
I, Lauren Wollmuth, will the responsibility of the human pyramid during intermission to Anna Hovey, Sarah Novitsky, and Faith Walker.
I, Lily Lines will my cross country pigtail hairstyle to Heather Thom.

I, Maggie Madziarczyk, will my music dedication to Chanel White. I will my theatre knowledge to Sarah Watson. I will my drive to my brother Aidan Madziarczyk.
I, Masami Kiriakedis, will my Nintendo Switch for the sole reason of Animal Crossing to Jada Bel
I, Matthew Zimmerman, will my head of completely brown hair to Dublin Gingerich.
I, Maya Loeb, will my status as oldest Loeb kid in LOHS to the brother no one seemed to ever realize I have, Alex Loeb.
I, Megan Woolard, will my green dinosaur to Maia Jurney and Chloe Carnegie.
I, Megan Woolard, will the task of memorizing every Taylor Swift lyric to Sarah Novitsky and Lauren Davis.
I, Megan Woolard, will my pink blazer to Katie and Olivia Chi.
I, Michael Murray, will my debate skills to George Danzelaud and Clark Jones. I, Michael Murray, will my DECA magic to Gabe Levy.
I, Mikaela Lee, will my sick sailing skills to Kirsten Lee and Cindy Huang.
I, Mitchell Weiss, will the ASB Treasury to the baddest bitty I know, Christine Youn.
I, Myrihe Rohbock, will Maddie Francis my ability to complete an AP3D project in one night, Karlee Zurcher all the Hawaiian bread rolls she could ever want, Isobel Kremer “the rock” from our Psych 2 investigation, and Kate Welton and Janelle Pranger our winning pumpkin chase team (make me proud).

I, Nick Surina, will my G.N.A.R. points to the rising Seniors on ski team.
I, Nick Weber, will my ability to not stand in the middle of the hallway to the Class of 2023.
I, Noah Kniss, will the number 2 (if there is no 11) to Ryan Hooper, any extra protein bars to Grayden Smith, the opportunity to win all the sprints to Jack Woolf, my grumpiness/goofiness to Trace Salton, and my spot in the Jamba squad to Marcus Lee.

I, Parker Williams, will my senior leadership of Team 8610 to Phoebe Garrett and Ellie Tanimura, and I will my leadership of the thrower squad to Ashley Lewis and Andy Li.
I, Penelope Spurr, will my two Rex Orange County CDs, ceramic tchotchkes, and pathetic jokes to Max Spurr.
I, Peyton Poitras, will my vast knowledge of random Disney facts to Tabitha Daniels.

I, Richie E. Dorjgurkhem, will the forbidden jutsu to Justice Hope.
I, Riley Brooks, will the traditions and responsibilities of the trombone section to Alan Hostetter and Brooke Plasse.
I, Ryan Miller, will THE Bass section to Sam Waxman, my sporadic Billie Elijah energy to Lucy Christenson, and my one true love, my Subaru Outback named Kar-l, to my sister Cassidy Miller.

I, Sabrina Safari, will all the happiness in the world to Liza Waddell.
I, Sabrina Safari, will all the laughter and joy to Ellie Tanimura.
I, Sam Palmer, will my regrets to the school; I won’t need them anymore.
I, Scout Buckner, will my love of food and energy drinks to Katherine Barringer.
I, Simon Wagner, will good vibes to the ski team.
I, Sophia Peterson, will all my love (& parking spot & terrible attendance) to Lauren Smith and Kate Anders.
I, Sophia Suhler, will the rhythm section to Gabe Porter and my ability to stay awake in Jazz to Alan Hostetter.

I, Talia Rosenbloom, will my tik tok game to Jovie Chen. And I will my sign language skills to Sophie McCoy.
I, Travis Senf, will that dumb little stump in the back parking lot to Allison Sweeney.

We, Alicia Lopez and Jordan Noble, will family dinners to Sarah Novitsky.
We, Ava David and Lily Sieber, will the LOHS Track and Field team to Harry Canfield.
We, Lainey Chi and Alicia Lopez, will the soul of Spare City girls bowling with Garrison and Mark included, to our bowling children: Ashley Heffernan, Mary Seibt, Maddie Nickens, Revati Iyer, Chloe Collier, and Rylee Winn.
We, Lauren Welton, Mitchell Weiss, and Barton Zhuang, in memory of Eric Lider, will the spirit of the cross country team to Margaret Glad and Tino Mehaffey, wishing both of them the best of luck with Kinney.
We, Lauren Welton, Josie Everett, Nick Weber, and Matthew Zimmerman, will the history office back to the teachers, with apologies but no regrets for occupying it all year.
We, Avery Holmes, Ava David, and Billie Fitkin, will Dr. G’s joke of the day to Karlee Zurcher.
We, Jenna Neumann and Sarah Leach, will walking through the Taco Bell drive-thru at DECA to Karlee Zurcher.
We, Megan Woolard and Andrea Yang, will the task of being late to independent study to Cameron Iizuka (since we know Serena won’t) and the Lake Views Editor-in-Chief position.