LOSD Administration lacks transparency

At the end of every Laker Weekly newsletter, a SafeOregon link is provided for students to report “microaggressions, harassment or discrimination” as well as any incidents that made them feel unsafe. In the counseling office, there are brochures marketing student support from counselors and the school. In a recent email sent out to students after the walk out on April 21, Principal Kristen Colyer asked students “to please contact a caring adult or report incidents so we may respond immediately.” Numerous signs at LOHS want to assure students they’re valued and supported, but in the light of recent eventsin which the school administration failed to follow through with the terms of a safety plan that protected a student from her rapistmany began to wonder about the truth behind the encouraging signage. After all, what’s the use of having a million ways to report a crime when nothing will be done about it? 

 The school administration leaves students in the dark when it comes to protecting students’ rights. What happens after a student gathers the courage to report an incident? Who would they be talking to? How much time would pass before a student can expect to hear a response? What kind of measures can the school take to protect their students? When the Editorial Board attempted to find answers to these questions, nothing of substance can be obtained from the school website or the student handbook, the Pilot. When asked, Principal Colyer said she “can not, and will not comment.” 

Considering its importance to students, information about the formal complaint process should not be hard to find. The lack of information puts students at a disadvantage because they don’t know what’s supposed to happen and are unable to tell if their rights are being upheld. Without making critical information available, the school creates an unfair situation where students can only hand over their case to administration and hope for the best. Yet, if the student walkout on April 21 taught the community anything, it’s that the school administration has already broken the trust of students with their impassive handling of student grievances. The school’s inaction and lack of transparency caused the most vulnerable population of our school to suffer immensely, thus Lake Views urges the school administration to show their care for students not just through empty words, but action, starting with making their policies regarding the complaint process transparent and accessible.