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The award winning student newspaper of Lake Oswego High School

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The award winning student newspaper of Lake Oswego High School

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Freshmen start their high school journey

This year’s freshmen class of 2027 have made their way through the first month of the school year. After orientation, their first tests, first homecoming and first football games, many of the school’s freshmen felt like they’ve got the hang of things. Laker crew leaders have also been keeping in touch with their freshmen groups to make sure that the transition into high school was smooth. 

Laker Crew leader and junior Ophilia Lu hoped that “every freshman feels comfortable in the school, and being able to go up and talk to their Laker Crew leaders, and upperclassmen. Although we’re already well into the new school year, it’s never too late to reach out to someone for some advice. Personally, I love it when my freshmen say hi to me in the hallways.”

Although it has been several months, freshmen still remember junior high and the differences between high school and junior high. 

“The expectations and workloads for grades are really different in high school versus middle school. The due dates and the amount of work and effort you do is really important.” said freshman Ben Song. 

Freshman Gino Yang, added to that “It’s a lot more work which is kind of scary, but there’s a lot more space and people, and we’re learning a lot more in school which I like.”

With it only being the first month of school, the freshmen still have many more things to experience and learn moving forward. Upperclassmen now have gone through many learning experiences and would agree that they’ve grown significantly as people since their first year of high school. 

“I mean, it really feels like the high school years have flown by. I can’t believe I’m already a junior and halfway done with high school. Even though it’s felt really short, I think I’ve changed and grown significantly as a person. I’ve learned so much about myself, my friends, and how to manage the unexpectedly fast transition into my upperclassmen years here at Lake Oswego.” said junior Marcus Song.

With four years ahead of them, the freshmen continue to explore and discover new things they’re excited about.
“I’m just excited to be able to start driving. With that freedom I’ll be able to explore new places together with my friends.” said Ben Song.

If there’s any advice that junior Ruben Bhowmik would give to incoming freshmen, it would be “try to experience as many things as you can like interesting classes, clubs and school events. You have time now that you’re probably not going to have in later years, so if you end up enjoying one of those things that you tried now, you’ll leave yourself with a lot more time to keep experiencing it, and it can make future plans for both high school and life in general more clear and easier to follow.”

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