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Gen Z keeps fighting climate change

Over the past decade, thousands of people across major cities have gathered together to protest the current environmental state in our nation and in the world. Ever since Sept. 20, 2019, when Greta Thumburg led the world’s largest environmental protest with around six million people across the globe, these environmentally focused protests have become much more common events. Recently, on Sept. 17, 2023, one of the largest environmental protests in the nation took place in lower Manhattan of New York. The focus of this protest was to decrease the amount of fossil fuels that are being burned into the atmosphere at an alarming rate. 

Many young people have continuously voiced their concerns about climate change and the state of the environment right now.

A case in Montana regarding the unconstitutional use of fossil fuels was led by a group of students. After countless protests, marches, and emails, the Montana judge finally ruled that the usage of fossil fuels was unconstitutional because it didn’t consider the devastating effects it had on climate change. From this, Montana’s coal and fossil fuel plants must now consider climate change when approving projects. Concern for the environment has grown significantly over the years, and this growing concern may be the first step to fixing the environment. 

AP Environmental and Geoscience teacher Jeff Goodrich expressed that “the positive thing is, I think the awareness for climate issues is much higher than it was 10, 15, 20 years ago for sure. When you have the average person aware of what’s going on with the climate, you can’t avoid it anymore. It’s right in our face so I think there’s kind of a growing concern that it is a real issue and that it is affecting our lives.” 

Environmental activists this year are especially frustrated with the government’s lack of accountability with the goals being made to keep our climate under control. While there are many promises and goals being made by congress, very few of them have actually been implemented to create change. Keeping this in mind, President of the Green Team and senior Lyra Johnson said that “the more we start to acknowledge that these problems are us, we don’t have to bear all of that guilt and burden, then it becomes a lot easier to get to the root of the problem and feel inspired to take action.”

Even though the media has been flooded with bad news regarding the current state of the climate, Goodrich explained that the protests and action that had been taking place are still a step toward creating a healthier future for society. “I feel positive in the building of awareness and momentum through protests toward meaningful change in our world.”

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