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The award winning student newspaper of Lake Oswego High School

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The award winning student newspaper of Lake Oswego High School

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LOHS students gravitate towards 5 colleges during 2023 application season

College season is upon us, and with that comes the stress of choosing where you want to spend your next four years. Senior fall comes with comparing colleges, weighing the pros and cons and ultimately deciding where to call home. Students at LOHS often have a pack mentality. If you’re wondering what I mean, go down to San Diego State University and visit the numerous LO alumni who migrated south. 

So what are this year’s most popular colleges? Of course the obvious is University of Oregon. It’s close to home, the school is great and there is going to be a fun change next year with Oregon moving to the BIG 10. San Diego State University does not seem to be lacking its popularity as the warm weather draws Oregonians in, the beaches are beautiful and the education is also great in a sense of its own. 

Another school that has stayed popular among Lake Oswego students is University of Arizona. The school is known for much more than just a good place to get an education. The weather stays constantly warm and there is definitely not a shortage of events to attend on weekends. University of Southern California is next on the list. The California weather draws students in, the education keeps students hooked and the top notch environment of the school seals the deal. 

Moving east, there is Boston College, right outside of Boston. BC offers many things that these west coast schools cannot. It gives access to booming cities with attributes that cannot be found in west coast cities, the school itself is beautiful and the education falls nothing short of stellar. 

Undergoing some big changes, the next college on the list is the University of Colorado Boulder. The only fault to this school in the recent past has been the lack of a decent football team, but now that they have that there is nothing Boulder is lacking. The flatirons provide a beautiful backdrop to the school and education itself is great in its own right. 

Finally, ending close to home but still far enough away, there is the University of Washington. The school is amazing education wise, the sports programs are exhilarating and you continue to have the climate of the Pacific Northwest in which you have grown accustomed. 

All of these schools are great and when the time comes the right school will find you. Hang in there seniors, fall is almost over and your life will return to normal for the remainder of high school until we’re off to the next adventure.

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