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LOHS student’s favorite conspiracy theories

As humans we have a lot of beliefs on things. It’s a way we express ourselves, and how we go about life. A way of expressing beliefs is opinions on conspiracy theories.  The definition of a conspiracy theorie is ideas and beliefs that an organization is the reason for an event that occurred. Examples of these could be the idea that Princess Diana’s death was on purpose, the moon landing was fake, the Denver International Airport is a center for the Illuminati and many more ideas. 

There are many different theories on the Princesses conspiracy, one example is that Charles set up the whole car crash. This is because as a royal you can’t remarry unless your former partner has passed. It happened to be that Charles wanted to marry Camillia but couldn’t do so with Diana alive. So the idea is he had her killed so he could marry Camillia. Remember that conspiracies are known to be a stretch. Sophomore Gabi Andreton had something to say about her death, “I think it was on purpose, I think someone slipped something in the driver’s drink to get drunk.” But sophomore Kaelyn Radcliffe disagrees, “It was because fans were attacking her car.” Radcliffe claimed this true because of a project she has done in the past about the Princess. 

Another popular theory is that the moon landing is fake. The claim that is made is that the clips of people walking on the moon for the first time were staged in Area 51. Senior Atticus Perry said “The moon seems suspicious, seems pretty high technology at such a early time.” 

There’s also many theories on the Denver International Airport, people believe it’s a hub for the Illuminati, there’s underground lizard people, that it was built by the New World Order, and of course many more interesting ideas.

Anderton also mentioned Area 51, “I think there is definitely aliens in there.” She was talking about how the government is testing and hiding aliens in Area 51. Perry also talked about a different theory of the earth being flat. “I don’t believe in that because of science,” he said. 

All this speculation could make someone wonder if there is any suspicious work going on behind the scenes around the town and school. Anderton said “I definitely think there’s an underground tunnel system.” She believes that under the school is a series of tunnels that connect in and out of the school. Doesn’t it seem quite similar to the Denver International Airport ideas? Perhaps there’s lizard people under LOHS, maybe a failed science experiment? 

Conspiracy theories are exciting to hear and think about. But just remember usually the evidence behind them is not factual. Still it’s interesting to think deeper about phemons that could have a bigger story behind them. So who really knows if lizard people are real, but it’s interesting to think about.

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