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Finals schedule changes from 3 to 4 days

The finals schedule has officially been changed, supporting an improved student experience. In the past, the finals schedule was unchanging, with three finals within each day; however, for the upcoming finals week, the schedule has been altered. Instead of three finals within each day, there will now be only two finals. The alterations to the schedule promote a week with more sleep, preparation, and organization. 

“It can help improve the student experience, which will then improve the student performance. The big thing with taking tests is anxiety. I think that everyone has anxiety for a test, to some extent, that’s just a human reaction. So how do we help lessen that? Take a deep breath, you’re not going to have more than two tests in one day, and hopefully it isn’t two back-to-back hard ones,” said Kristin Coyler, LOHS principal. 

With finals coming up after winter break, students are considering how the new schedule will impact their testing experience. With one less final, it could mean more time to prepare and study. 

“I think it could help studying because people could just go home and study right after their other finals, there will be more time,” said senior Keaton Lindsey. 

There will be a 15 minute break between each test period as well. After the two finals of the day, there is teacher-student-contact-time built in, which is an opportunity for students to communicate with their teachers. 

 “Students can leave after they are done with their tests for the day, go home and have lunch there. We will provide buses, so for students where the bus is the only option, they might have to hangout a little longer in the day. Lunch will be provided and all of the things to support students doing well on the assessments,” said Coyler.

In fact, the extra time in the afternoon allows students to use their extended time on tests. Instead of pausing tests, students can continue testing in the same evening. 

“Before, if a student had extended time on a test, they would have to pause that test and then pick it up again later in the week. This allows them to finish it in the afternoon,” said Coyler. 

Teachers are posting their calendars on google classroom, preparing their students for the change. Of course, students are not the only ones affected by this change; the upcoming finals week will mean new things for teachers too. 

“I’m proctoring two tests a day, I can get them graded that afternoon, as opposed to having three tests and not being able to get them graded in that little bit of time after school. So I think it just makes it more balanced for students and teachers,” said Robyn Rose, math teacher. 

Additionally, the period schedule will follow the normal class order, being first period to second period, and so on. The new order will hopefully benefit organization and understanding of which class is on which day. After the last day of finals, there is a period called ‘Smart Start’, which is dedicated to students who have 504’s or IEPs to meet any new teachers for semester two. 

“It’s definitely a trial run, but I imagine that it will be a permanent thing, I can’t see someone saying three tests in a day is a better idea,” Coyler said.

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