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Swift kills it on stage but also kills the climate

International celebrity Taylor Swift has recently faced criticism for her high carbon dioxide emissions, primarily caused by frequent trips on her private jet. In both 2022 and 2023, Swift was named the highest celebrity polluter. The Economic Times reported her emissions of over 8000 tonnes of CO2 each year from her private jet – 1200 times more than the average person’s annual emissions, resparking the continuous argument of whether or not stronger restrictions on celebrity carbon footprints should be implemented. 

“Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean that she should get special privileges, especially when it affects the earth,” said sophomore Cordelia Megowan. “Celebrities should care about global warming just as much as anyone else.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Swift has been buying carbon offsets in an attempt to balance out her carbon footprint. Offsets are essentially a way for individuals to invest in organizations that fight climate change, instead of taking actions to lower their own carbon emissions. 

Some online argue that the frequent flights are necessary for Swift’s career as an international pop star and are related to her recent tour; however, many of the entertainer’s flights have been used to spend time with her current boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce. According to Newsweek, Swift made at least 12 flights to see Kelce within a three month period. 

Swift’s high carbon footprint has sparked various discussions about the environmentally damaging actions of others in the celebrity world. As continuously increasing emissions of greenhouse gasses threaten the future of our environment, the leniency around the harmful actions of celebrities remains a hotly debated topic. 

Just make the numbers make sense if you can. If there are 8000 yearly tons of CO2 and you report 138 the last month it does not make too much sense.

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