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“Saltburn” shocks and captivates audiences

In the movie world, where storytelling and visuals combine, few movies manage to leave a lasting impact on an audience. “Saltburn” was a film that was able to do this and gained quite the popularity because of it. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind its popularity and explore some of its elements. 

The cast of “Saltburn” was a large reason for its popularity. The actors brought their characters to life with a lot of authenticity which made viewers become more interested in their stories. “I liked the cast, the cast was really good,” said sophomore Sura Bell. These performances were important in making sense of the movie’s complex emotions and themes. Not to mention the fact that Jacob Elordi was casted in the movie as well, which definitely could be argued is a large reason for the movie’s popularity. “I liked watching the very strange dynamic of Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan’s characters throughout the movie,” said freshman Cherry Genovese.

“Saltburn” is also very cinematographically pleasing to viewers. The film’s visual storytelling was very important in including the audience in the world of the movie, using pretty landscapes and carefully framed shots that enhance the story.  

“Saltburn” put itself out there through the way the story was told, which was both suspenseful and different. “It made me uncomfortable in some of the scenes, but the storyline was interesting,” said sophomore Alex Trout. By connecting multiple timelines and perspectives, it kept audiences captivated while exploring the characters. With a balance of pacing and tone, the director made a movie experience that left watchers shocked by the end. “The movie was very suspenseful with its plot and the ending left me very surprised. I liked the uniqueness of the movie in general,” said Genovese. The movie’s ability to have both complex emotions and an interesting plot approached in a different way, while keeping watchers interested shows the director’s skill. 

“Saltburn” gained its popularity through a combination of enjoyable performances, amazing visuals, and innovative delivery. This unique experience made the film not only popular but an enjoyable movie experience as well.

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