French Week emerses student body in fun activities

Earlier this month, LO hosted its first ever French Week, in an effort to raise awareness about the school’s French program. “It’s definitely a good idea to let people know that there are other languages spoken in this school besides Spanish,” said sophomore Sydney Blem. 

Festivities were held throughout the week of Nov. 4. They were coordinated by French teacher Lisa Grimm and the students of the French department. “The event has been around for 20 years in the U.S., and schools who have an active chapter of French National Honor Society often put together a thematic week of cultural festivities to share knowledge about the francophone world and bring the French language out of the classroom,” said Grimm. 

“The goals are to get students involved in leadership activities, to share the fun of learning language, and to make it known that we have a vibrant French program,” said Grimm.

To start off, French students danced the can-can and sang Champs-Elysee at break on Monday. On Tuesday, the French department held a bike race at lunch. Cyclists from throughout LOHS brought their bikes and rode a lap around the school, then a lap around the parking lot in the front. 

“It was fun, exhilarating, a little nerve racking,” said Blem, who also won the bike race. Dylan Makowichuk and Leo Labarge placed second and third respectively. 

French week continued with a crepe sale on Wednesday during lunch. They sold for $1 each, with long lines awaiting chocolate syrup, whip cream and bananas as toppings. On Thursday, French students were encouraged to have conversations in French at lunch. Finally, Friday was host to a croissant eating contest and baguette jousting. Contestants ate croissants from a string, bystanders yelling at them to win. Immediately after, students took up baguettes, striking at each other in an effort to break their opponent’s weapon. 

“As long as students are willing to take on the work of producing a marvelous week of fun and informational events as part of their duties within French National Honor Society,” continued Grimm, “I would love to see National French week become a tradition.”