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Changing the ACT doesn’t actually help

Jeffery Sun, Sports Editor

January 9, 2020

Starting in September 2020, ACT Inc., the nonprofit that distributes and runs the popular standardized test ACT, is rolling out big changes to their test. Students will now have a lot more flexibility and control in how they want to...

Brandy Melville’s one-size policy doesn’t stop teen shoppers

Olivia Ellerbruch and Makenna Klein

January 9, 2020

Whether you’re male or female, if you are living in 2019 and you are somewhat immersed in pop culture, then you have most likely heard of the brand Brandy Melville. If you are unaware of what Brandy is, Brandy Melville is a...

LO district staff undergo mandatory training following Title VI civil complaints

Kyla Schmitt, Copy Editor, Columnist

January 6, 2020

“Coaching Peace” speaker Diana Cutaia led LOHS staff members through mandatory training on Wednesday, Dec. 4 following Title VI (pertaining to race, color or national origin) civil complaints that were filed against the Lake Oswego school di...

Computer science classes offer AP or dual credit opportunities for students

Michael Murray and Jon Wood

January 6, 2020

Lake Oswego High School has added three computer science class offerings over the last two years: Intro to Programming, Computer Programming in C++ and AP Computer Science A. In Intro to Programming, students learn to writ...

Students reflect summer Rotary conference, the World Affairs Seminar

Grace Goverman, News Editor

November 24, 2019

Last summer, three intrepid LOHS students attended the World Affairs Seminar to expand their horizons and contemplate worldwide issues. Senior Sabrina Safari and juniors Liza Wadell and George Danzelaud were Lake Oswego High School’s...

LOJ doesn’t have enough gym space for their sixth graders

Jackson Rickert, Opinions Editor, Columnist

November 24, 2019

Since the start of this school year, LOJ sixth graders have been using LOHS athletic  facilities for their P.E. classes.  “The LOHS gym is an upgrade from having to go to Uplands last year,” said sixth grade P.E. teach...

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