Brandy Melville’s one-size policy doesn’t stop teen shoppers

Olivia Ellerbruch

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Makenna Klein

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Whether you’re male or female, if you are living in 2019 and you are somewhat immersed in pop culture, then you have most likely heard of the brand Brandy Melville. If you are unaware of what Brandy is, Brandy Melville is an extremely popular clothing store. It is unique in the fact that it advertises its clothing as “one size fits all.” As someone who has shopped at this store, we can readily confirm that one size does not fit all.

The concept of one size introduces girls at a young age to the societal standard that they should fit into a certain size. One size that fits a very slim amount of people. In an anonymous poll of 84 students 58% of people said they shopped there, but do not agree with their one size fits all policy at LOHS.

This is a problem with pressure in societal standards because while so many young girls disagree with their policy, it is still considered trendy and mainstream. Which is why they continue to shop at a store that they do not morally support.

Being that Brandy is so popular, we find it unacceptable that they continue to only carry one size, excluding the many girls who could shop there if they sold more sizes.

This is not a matter of a few girls being butthurt that they can not fit into the norm, but the fact that such a popular store continues to enforce these toxic societal standards. Yes, those girls could shop at other stores with their size, but they shouldn’t have to.

It is important to me that Brandy include a much wider range (or any range at all) before we shop there again. We recommend other girls, big, small or in between, to stop supporting a system that encourages girls to body shame themselves and others. We will admit that we have shopped there in the past, without even thinking of the effect the store may have on some girls. However, we have come to realize that we can not support a mainstream brand that continues to enforce this toxic standard of “one size fits all.”