Computer science classes offer AP or dual credit opportunities for students

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Jon Wood

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Lake Oswego High School has added three computer science class offerings over the last two years: Intro to Programming, Computer Programming in C++ and AP Computer Science A.

In Intro to Programming, students learn to write programs using the Python high level programming language, while also exploring the different areas of computer science and identifying career opportunities in the field. The class is a semester long, and students can expect to get most of their work done in class, leaving only roughly 1/2 hour of homework each week. The class is also aligned with Portland Community College, so students can earn up to four college credits that can be used at Portland State University, University of Oregon, Oregon State, or Oregon Institute of Technology.

After taking Intro to Programming and/or Geometry, students can take Computer Programming in C++, which is a year long course. Throughout the year, students will write programs using C++ and develop critical thinking skills as they analyze and design these programs. Since the course is also aligned with PCC, students can get a total of eight college credits for PCC or any other Oregon University. The course is considered challenging, and students should expect four to five hours of homework each week in addition to class projects throughout the year.

AP Computer Science A is an introductory college-level course, and it requires no previous programming knowledge, but students must have taken Intro to Programming and/or Geometry previously. During the course, students will learn the basics of programming in the Java language and prepare for the AP exam in May.

Robyn Rose, who teaches math and AP Computer Science A, says that she “hopes that these course offerings will excite students who have an interest in computer science while also introducing computer programming to students who are unfamiliar with the subject but curious.”