LOJ doesn’t have enough gym space for their sixth graders

Since the start of this school year, LOJ sixth graders have been using LOHS athletic  facilities for their P.E. classes. 

“The LOHS gym is an upgrade from having to go to Uplands last year,” said sixth grade P.E. teacher Geoffrey Marsden. 

This change came about after Oak Creek Elementary started using the Uplands gym while their school was under construction and so, like dominoes, LOJ no longer had access to those facilities. 

According to Marsden, the sixth graders will be using the East gym at LOHS until the gym at LOJ is finished with construction, which has just commenced. 

“The LOHS [athletic] department has been very helpful and accommodating,” said Marsden. 

They are usually bussed over, but do have to walk over some days. Either way, it takes about the same amount of time as it did moving between LOJ and Uplands.

This change also means that time restrictions are placed on his class.

“Time constraints are similar if I have [to] walk or use the bus… I usually end up having to come back after school,or after practice, to clean up depending on the activity,” he elaborated. “The situation is not ideal but it is the best solution until the LOJ gym gets built.”