Girls water polo keeps positive attitude in spite of challenges

This year the girls water polo team season has been rocky. Their season started in early September and is scheduled to end in November. They are 3-14 for the season and have won against Forest Grove (11-6), Sprague (11-5) and Tigard (10-7). Despite their current record for season games, they have been competing in many tournaments, doing very well.

There are many new players on the team and they are all determined to work together to improve themselves for the end of the season. To work on team bonding, the girls get together and had three team sleepovers throughout the season. “There’s a sleepover at the beginning of the season, then in the middle and one at the end” freshman Carmen Karsonovich said.

To create a positive environment before each game, the team circles up to encourage each other and get themselves ready for the game. “We usually do a circle and go around and say positive things” said Karsonovich. With only a couple more games before the end of the season, the team is determined to end the season on a high note.