Disney enters the streaming wars

Jackson Rickert

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March 3, 2020

Earlier this month, Disney launched its new streaming service Disney+. With an extensive library including franchises such as Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel, as well as their own original properties, Disney now encroaches on the streaming market.

In addition to Disney +, Disney also owns large parts of Hulu and ESPN. While Disney + is normally $7.99 a month, Disney has plans to bundle Hulu, ESPN + and Disney + for a monthly cost of $12.99. Meanwhile, Netflix remains alone. While Hulu has ties to both other streaming services and some TV channels, and Disney owns or has ties to much of the entertainment industry, Netflix does not, instead relying on its own original content to keep itself relevant. The content they make is exclusive to their platform, and in recent years it seems they’ve only doubled down. Shows like “Stranger Things” have exploded, gaining massive viewers who can only watch it on Netflix. Netflix also relies on brand recognition to stay relevant, it being one of the first and most successful digital streaming services to pop up.

However, Disney is making their properties exclusive to their services as well. Iconic properties that children love and adults look back on with fondness can be found only on Disney +. The original Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, Disney animated films and more. All of them have tremendous brand recognition and draw. Disney is many things, and chief among them is well known. People can rely on Disney and will likely flock to their service. Building on this, Disney is creating new content specifically to stream. The first live action Star Wars show, “The Mandalorian”, combined with a season-long ending to fan favorite animation “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and new MCU shows, suggest the wind is blowing in Disney’s favor.