Hannah Hilton branches out at LOHS

Sophomore Hannah Hilton moved from West Hills Christian school in Portland two years ago.

Going from 50 kids in her class to over 300 was an adjustment, but nothing Hilton couldn’t handle. While changing schools is always a hard thing to do, for Hilton the switch was not as bad as she had thought. “It was very confusing [at first] because the school was a lot bigger than my old school. I got used to it eventually, but it took a while,” Hilton said. “Though it’s still weird not knowing everyone in the grade.”

Since coming to LO she has gotten to know lots of new people, joined the Bel Canto Choir and began taking tennis lessons. According to Hilton, the Bel Canto group is significantly smaller than usual, but it’s easier to get to know everyone because of it. “It’s been nice to get to know everyone, though I have to trust them more and work harder than I normally would in a big choir,” she said.

Hilton enjoys school, and has a passion for history and photography. “I’ve always been interested in history as one of my favorites,” she said. “It’s always been interesting and it doesn’t get boring. Learning about how the world works and people who made it how it is today is interesting to me.” Because of her interest in the subject Hilton hopes to continue taking history classes throughout high school. As for photography, Hilton has enjoyed her Photography 1 class this year, and plans to take more photography classes in the future.

In her free time she enjoys reading, watching movies, hanging out with her friends and walking her dogs. “My family has always had dogs,” Hilton said. She currently owns two dogs, a golden doodle named Lily and a black labrador called Cooper. Lily has been a part of the Hilton family for five years, while Cooper is new to the family.

Hilton has also had the opportunity to travel both within the country and outside of it. She has been on multiple trips to Disneyland, as well as going to Canada where she was able to visit some of their museums and see animals native to the country. Having her first experience with the tropics, she travelled to the Carribean a couple years ago, then to the Bahamas last summer, luckily making it back home before the hurricane hit. Although her trips outside the country were fascinating, one of her favorite trips happened to be inside the U.S., in Hawaii. While there, she visited Maui and the Big Island, and said she “enjoyed Maui more because the flora and fauna was much more lush and tropical.” Hilton is excited to continue her sophomore year here and is looking forward to making more memories at LO.