The ‘Sonic’ movie is actually good

Feb 14 2020- Valentines Day, AKA the release date of “Sonic the Hedgehog”, the movie. I went into the theater thinking I was about to see an average movie; maybe I would cry a single tear of happiness or woe- but the movie exceeded my expectations!

With the original design of the Sonic movie, I wasn’t expecting much in the animation department- but the art of the movie was actually really nice to look at. Sonic may have been a little too fluffy, in my opinion, but it was still adorable and captured his personality perfectly.

One of the best performances of this movie was Jim Carrey as Robotnik/Eggman. Carrey was hilarious, and he was the perfect choice for the eccentric antagonist.

The story was fun and simple- Sonic is on his way to return to his home with the help of his new human friend, Wachowski, after being discovered by estranged scientist, Robotnik. It was a movie for children, but I enjoyed it a lot.

The ending was satisfying and heartfelt- but what was even better was the sneak-peek into a possible sequel. After the credits, a small clip of Sonic’s sidekick, Tails the Fox, was shown. Me and my date for the movie were crossing our fingers the entire movie for a cameo from Amy, or Knuckles, or anyone in Sonic’s crew, really, but Tails was just as good of a surprise.

Overall, I would give the movie 2 thumbs up. If you like the Sonic franchise, if you want a taste of nostalgia before March, or if you want to see something new, check it out!