Brands to try if you have a gluten intolerance/ allergy

Ella Musgrove, Technical Design Editor, Photo Editor

Gluten friendly food has become something of a lifestyle trend in recent years, which has greatly influenced the food market. More products are marketed gluten free than ever before. As it is, I have been gluten free way before it was cool. Here are some recommendations so you won’t have to sort through the copious amount of expensive gluten free brands. 

First is one of my first favorite brands. I started eating gluten free about seven or eight years ago, and I have loved this brand from the start. Glutino sells everything from gluten free english muffins to crackers and cookies. My personal favorite product from their brand is their gluten free lemon wafers. This brand is also dairy free, at least I haven’t come across a product of their’s that does contain dairy yet. 

My second favorite gluten free brand recommendation is Bob’s Red Mill. You’ve probably heard of Bob’s Red Mill before, even if you aren’t gluten free. They have gluten free and gluten variants of most of their baking mixes, but the gluten free ones are really solid if you’re willing to take some time to bake them up. Bob’s Red Mill is gluten free certified so if you happen to suffer from Celiac’s Disease then you’re covered with this brand. They have everything from bread mixes and pizza dough to pie crust and pancakes. My favorite thing about Bob’s though is that they have an awesome gluten free flour that works as a replacement to gluten flour is just about every recipe. Make sure you use xanthum gum in tandem with the flour though, or your cookies and cakes might crumble more. 

Some of my other favorite brands include Udi’s bread/ Rudi’s Bread (they have really solid gluten free buns and french rolls), Gluten Free Gem (lots of pastries and cakes!), and Pamela’s baking mixes has some good pancake mixes. 

While a lot of gluten free eating is trial and error, I hope this recommendations list helps you find something you would enjoy. Make sure to always check the labels for anything else that you might be allergic to and have fun trying these brands if you haven’t already.