Why you should try thrifting

Ella Musgrove, Technical Design Editor, Photo Editor

If you’ve noticed an influx in the amount of thrift flip and thrift haul videos across the internet then you should really know why it’s worth your time to stop shopping exclusively at your local mall. 

Thrifting has become something of a trend in recent years, mostly coming out as a fun way to shop for clothes in the DIY section of YouTube, but by this point it has almost become its own niche. YouTubers like coolirpa, withwendy and bestdressed have definitely made a name for themselves in the field of thrifting. 

But why is thrifting really cool? Not only do you have the ability to find some really unique pieces of clothing through thrifting, but with minimal sewing ability you can make something you found for cheap in a thrift store really unique. Not to mention the practical benefits. Buying clothes second hand helps the environment and doesn’t break the bank. 

For clarification, shopping at stores in the mall is not inherently bad, but some brands can be unethical in terms of economic impact, animal welfare or labor conditions. Brands like Forever 21 and H&M sell rather cheap clothing for extorted prices and are rightly described as “fast fashion” brands. Say you could find something at the thrift or second-hand shop for $10 cheaper and 10 times cuter, would you continue to shop at the mall after that?

That being said, a new club at the school aims to promote this sustainable clothing idea. French Teacher Lisa Grimm runs the new Sewing for Sustainability Club and aims to show students alternate ways of making or buying clothes. She has planned to show students how to mend some existing clothing and plans to bring in sewing machines in the future. 

She hopes this club will gain popularity because more people start spring cleaning around this time of the year. Students can also get ready for summer styles and change some of their existing clothes to match the season.