Who is the imposter? 


Sydney Seymour, Staffer

The online multiplayer game “Among Us” was released on June 15, 2018 by the game studio InnerSloth. The average number of players was almost zero up until July 2020. During quarantine, famous online streamers introduced the game to tens of thousands of viewers. The first couple Twitch streamers to play the game were SRKaif, sodapoppin and xQc. The popularity of the game expanded to Korea as eight of the most famous Twitch streamers, including dobby, started to play the game. Viewers and players of “Among Us” created Tik Tok videos and Twitter memes, further promoting the game. “Among Us” eventually found its way to LO. Students have come to love the game, sharing their rates and reviews below. 

Users will download the game on their phone or computer to play with strangers online or with their friends. The name, pet, color and clothing of one’s character is entirely customizable. In the game, up to 10 players run around a spaceship completing tasks while attempting to figure out who the Imposter is. 

Senior Allison Sweeney said, “I’d [rate it] a solid 7/10 because it’s super fun to play with friends. I love the idea behind it and all the little costumes you can add to the players. My game crashes quite a bit, [and]  when you’re playing online with random people they can be very rude and vote you out with no evidence just because they don’t like your name or color.” 

On the other hand, sophomore Max Archambo said, “10/10. The game is super inclusive to all ages and groups. It’s so different from other games because you can just grab your phones and start playing. It can always get competitive for more extreme players. It’s just a great game all around, [and] there’s not any negatives about it.” 

“8/10 because the game is poggers. It’s not about how good you are at video games. Anybody can play it with no real video game experience, and you get to accuse your friends without it getting too personal. But sometimes people get really worked up over it,” said junior Ethan Hecht. 

There can be up to three Imposters during gameplay. Imposters are randomly assigned at the start of the game, and their main goal is to sabotage the spaceship and kill the crewmates. Imposters have special abilities such as sabotaging rooms or “venting” around the map to get away from a dead body and hide from crewmates. Once a dead body is found, it is reported and the group discusses who they think the Imposter is. Then, the group votes, and the game progresses if any of the Imposters are still alive. 

Senior Addie Ross said, “8/10. I don’t enjoy public games, [so] minus two, because everyone gets salty real quick but I love playing with my friends. Usually, I’ll play on FaceTime with a friend which is super fun but also hard because I start giggling if I’m the Imposter. Sometimes I’ll play with a friend and also send the game code to random group chats to fill the room. Overall, it’s a great game to play with your friends.” 

“8.5/10 [because] it’s a simple and surprisingly enduring game. You get to have so many unique moments with your friends where you’re forced to virtually maim them and then lie through your teeth on a discord call. Schadenfreude but in space. It’s great,” senior Quinn Connell said.