Students reflect on Zoom fatigue

Olivia Ellerbruch, Editor-In-Chief

With school being online since September, it is no surprise that students are beginning to get exhausted by the monotonous zoom cycle. With in-person school, having an alternating schedule provided more time for homework and prevented students from getting too bored of the same classes everyday because they were constantly changing. While for some, they feel the homework load causes this exhaustion, for others, it’s simply the act of having to be on Zoom every day. 

Junior Kennedy Warme stated, “I do find Zoom more exhausting than in-person school because it’s a lot harder for me to focus when I’m staring at a screen for every assignment.” Having the shorter schedule on Wednesdays was supposed to alleviate some of the constant screen watching, but it doesn’t seem to do much of a difference, as teachers are still assigning homework for Wednesdays that can take up just as much time as a regular class period. 

With the end of online school being unknown, it seems like students have mostly adjusted to the circumstances but do not enjoy them. One positive about being completely online is that teachers tend to respond to emails quicker. Junior Regan Henshaw commented on that notion as well claiming, “Teachers have been a lot more accessible so overall I’ve enjoyed it a lot.” 

While there is no way to please every single student, hearing feedback is the only way to make this year a more beneficial learning experience for everyone. It has been proven that staying remote can lead to loneliness, anxiety and added stress. LOHS has and is still trying to do its best with this school year, but acknowledging that there are some flaws should be focused on much more heavily than it has been.