Dear Seniors

Dear Seniors,

Congrats! It’s your last year in high school and although we know you are excited, there are some things that we still think you need to know before we say our final goodbye 

We understand that you’re stressed out from tons of studying, college applications and general high school drama; you’re burnt out and looking for positives. But, please stop it with the superiority complex. This is your last year, we understand. You’re starting a  “whole new life,” we understand. Please please stop talking about your college apps. Stop talking about all the frats you’re going to rush, and plans for “life after school.” We get it, you’re going to U of O. You’re just making us sad. Pick another topic, please and thank you. 

You somehow take care of yourself worse than a first grader left to their own devices could. We love you guys very much, some of us have known you all since third/fourth grade mixed classes. And even though you may not lead cheers well at the games, we want the best for you. So, from all of us, please just go drink a glass of water. Take care of yourself more, invest in some crystals and remember that literally none of this matters. You can’t live off of the thermos of three day old coffee you found rolling around on the floor of your Toyota Corolla (or G-wagon, this is LO after all). 


Most of you have a strong sense of self. You know who you are. And maybe you don’t know what you want to do, or what you want to be or even your place in this whole “thing.” But as long as you keep trying to figure it out, you’ll be okay.


The rest of the school (mostly the juniors)