Mental Health Awareness Club presents: The Zen Den!

Natalie Foss, Editor-in-Chief

LOHS’s Mental Health Awareness Club is working hard to promote the importance of prioritizing your mental health and making school resources more accessible and discrete. 

Recently, a room in the counseling office was transformed into the Zen Den, a space where students can go if they are in need of a mental health break or just a quiet place to relax and collect themselves for a bit. The Zen Den has comfortable seating and dim lighting as well as a variety of fidgets, drawing supplies and other calming activities for students. The walls are decorated with several posters courtesy of the Mental Health Awareness Club that spread encouraging and uplifting messages to cheer people up and reassure them. 

“We are in contact with administration and together we hope to increase teacher awareness of the Zen Den and its importance,” said Rebecca Prassas, president of Mental Health Awareness Club. “We’ve gotten a lot of different feedback when it comes to teachers allowing students to leave class for the Zen Den, but we are working towards having all teachers be reasonable and understanding.” 

Although they are still working on more ways to spread information and resources to students regarding mental health, the Mental Health Awareness Club is always looking for feedback from students. Prassas welcomes any constructive criticism or suggestions regarding improvements necessary to make our school a more mental health friendly place.