The revolution of male hairstyles

Olivia Ellerbruch, Editor-In-Chief

Over the course of quarantine, various style and fashion trends began trending in order to fill our time with something to do. Since then, the standard for male hairstyles have evolved from some just simply waking up and going to school to having a carefully thought out style, using a hairbrush, gel, curl cream and other supplies to keep up with the key male hairstyles that have burst into popularity. I am in no way trying to urge you to immediately cut your hair to any of these styles, nor am I saying that any of these are ugly, I am simply here to bring an overview of the transformation of male hair styling and hairstyles.

Mullet: Starting off strong, we have the most notable style that got brought back; the mullet. While I am unsure exactly how this got brought back and why, all I know is that it is massively popular at LOHS. Junior Luke Filkins commented on why he got the style, saying “I got my mullet in May of 2020. I went to New Mexico when I was 8, and I saw a dude with a mullet, and ever since then I kinda wanted one but didn’t have an excuse to get one until Covid happened. Then I got it and just kinda stuck with it.” 

Letting it Grow Out: Another increasing trend here at LOHS is simply letting your hair grow out completely. Many men have managed to allow their locks to grow down farther than their shoulders at about chest level. Senior Jack Labadie remarked “I was just bored of having short hair. I moved here from Texas and it was really hot and then when I came here I thought I might as well grow it out, and then I styled it and I really liked it”. While just letting your mane grow out may seem pretty low-maintenance, Labadie noted that “I put a hair pomade in it to keep it not as frizzy, and it helps the bottom layer of curls go down”.

The Messy just got Out of Bed Look: This seems to be the overall theme of the year for hair; looking somewhat put together but actually doing nothing. After asking some of my underclassmen sources about who has good quality hair, I found sophomore Gunnar Olsen and asked if he had any maintenance or routine to get his well liked mane. Olsen remarked “I don’t do anything to it. I just get out of the shower, and sometimes I use my sister’s conditioner, but usually just normal shampoo.”

Creative Color: After talking with sophomore Nick Viterallo, I found that sometimes there is no specific motivation behind a unique hairdo, it’s more out of boredom rather than expression. Vitellaro stated “It’s kinda boring just having normal hair, I wanted to do something different I guess, something kinda fun.” After speaking with numerous underclassmen, many said that they enjoy  Vitellaro’s hair and that it is always cool to see what he does. After asking if he has any ideas for his next coloring session, Vitellaro said, “I might do green for my next coloring, but with this haircut.” While not a for sure confirmation on the green, we will all have to wait and see what he does next.