The LOHS girls bowling team bowls to the best

Nidhi Nair, Editor-in-Chief

Among the many incredible sports at LOHS are the girls bowling team, who are back and ready to compete this season. Practices for this year began during the third week of November, and the team members are working hard towards their exciting journey of bowling towards success.

The team currently practices twice a week with the main focus being to provide a sense of community and connection for girls. Although they have not had any official games yet, their teams were recently assigned, so they usually play around two games in their teams each practice.

“I’m just excited to get the season going again,” said Coach Chris Hill. “We had such a fun team two years ago, and it’s just nice to be able to get it going again. The positive energy that’s at everyday practice is really fun to be around.”

Junior Grace Johnson, a returning member of the bowling team said, “I’m looking forward to improving my scores and seeing how far our team can go this season. I had done bowling freshman year and I really enjoyed meeting new people and just having fun.”

Sharing a similar opinion, sophomore Camille Francis said, “I was influenced [to join the bowling team] because it sounded like a fun sport that I could do with my friends. I’m looking forward to tournaments and getting better.”

“Being a part of the bowling team is a super fun experience and I just started,” said Senior Gianna Alati. “It is really fun because you can be a beginner, but get better really quickly!”

Additionally, there is always the competitive aspect of bowling that makes it enjoyable as well. Sophomore Emma Wadley stated, “there is a state competition, but only a few people (who want to and who can) [participate in it],” which is something that the bowlers can also look forward to.

Overall, the team is thrilled for this bowling season, and they seem to be enjoying the strong sense of community and support that the sport provides. “Bowling is a great way to get girls involved that haven’t participated in an activity before,” said Hill. “No matter if you bowl once every five years or if you bowl every week, it’s a place where you can come and be accepted. We just encourage everyone to get better for themselves and to have their own PR’s. So far, in the practices we’ve had, it’s just been a really fun, inclusive, and positive environment, which I think we all need.”