LOHS snowboard team soars through the season

Riley Daniels, Staffer

Every year, there are over 10 million active snowboarders in the United States, most of whom live in the west.. Living in Oregon, we have a great snowboard program, which the students love.

 “I really like being able to hang out and have a good time with my friends, while also doing what I love,” Junior Caleb Cagnoni said. 

So far this season, the team has competed in two competitions, with more to come. The first came on Jan. 22, where they competed in a boardercross competition. In these types of competitions, four snowboarders race down a course at the same time. The course contains a variety of obstacles, including jumps and rollers the rider must pass as they turn through the gates. The trials are timed, followed up by a knock out tournament. 

The race went well for the Lakers, as the girls varsity finished first in team scoring and the boys finished fourth. Junior Caleb Cagnoni had the sixth best time in the boys competition, while Seniors Sasha Fefelova finished first and Ella Fuentes finished third  in the girls competition. 

Their next competition was on Jan. 28 in another boardercross competition. This competition yielded the same results as the first, with the girls finishing first and boys fourth.