Science Bowl teams advance past state

Mark Williams, Editor-in-Chief

On Jan. 9 and 12 LOHS Science Bowl teams successfully competed in the annual Science Bowl competition. The National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) team won first place in the state competition while the general Science Bowl team won fourth place in the state competition.

Science Bowl is a long standing competition hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy with a strong focus on academic excellence. Teams consist of four members, an alternate and a coach. The intense head to head competition includes 9000 high school students this year. 

Senior Eric Seeley, president of the Science Bowl club and a member of the winning NOSB team, has competed in Science Bowl since freshman year. “NOSB has goldfish [crackers] at all the meetings which is a very good reason to join. I’m also just interested in the subject.”

This year the Science Bowl competition was held online. “Definitely for normal Science Bowl the different format was really weird because normal Science Bowl, they weren’t really doing head to head teams like you normally would in person. You were still competing but there was no opposing team you were just answering as a group. NOSB was more normal there.” 

Seeley competed with Seniors  Stephen Lines, Rebecca Prassas, Luca Braghetta and sophomore Orion Hoch on his NOSB team who will all go to compete in the national competition. The second NOSB Science Bowl team of Seniors Amber Prasad, Katie Chi, Olivia Chi,Chloe Carnegie and sophomore Nadia Nechiporuk placed third. The general Science Bowl team of Seniors Eric Seeley, Lucia Zhang and Sophomores Orion Hoch, Phillip Rha and Muen Tang took fourth place. The final Science Bowl team of Senior Devin von Arx,Jamie Liu, Ava Hilden and  sophomores Jason Lee, Ian Le, did not place. 

The NOSB science bowl team hopes to succeed in the national competition which will be held virtually from May 6-15.