Why did Netflix make a ‘Tall girl 2’?

Gianna La Fond, Staffer

Now on Netflix is the movie that none of us asked for, the long awaited sequel to “Tall Girl.” The first movie tormented us all with its cringey romance, cheesy acting and horrible plot line, and it’s officially back for more. But why did Netflix make a second one if the first one was so horrible?

The answer is money. The first one was so renowned that it ended up being hate-watched by almost everyone with a Netflix subscription. “Tall Girl” was trending on Netflix, Twitter and Tik Tok. Everyone was confused as to how a movie so bad could be made. What executive accidentally hit the “produce” button on his keyboard to make this monstrosity?

When it comes down to it we can’t blame Netflix for making a second one, I mean if we all watched it why wouldn’t they? The real question is why did we all watch it? If it is so astoundly bad then why did all of us rush to our closest computer just to cringe? Well this is just one example of the power trends have over teens. One person talking about an outrageously horrible movie convinces the other to go watch it not for its entertainment value (since it practically has none), but because they want something to relate too. So many teenagers are terrified of being left out and are actively searching for something to be part of. So whether that “something” is a book club, or the hate train for a low budget Netflix original, they’ll commit to it. 

This isn’t the first time that terrible movies have taken the world by storm. I mean they made three “Kissing Booths,” (THREE!) at this point anything is possible. This doesn’t just apply to horrible movies; this same trend is seen with graphic media in shows like “13 Reasons Why,” or even just things that people can be opposed to like, Laurel and Yanny, or the biggest phenomenon right now Doors v. Wheels (I’m team doors). 

Insecurity in our generation has created a need to jump on any bandwagon there is, anything to make a lonely teenager feel like their part of something. No wonder we would all be obsessed with the “Tall Girl” it was the one of the few times we felt a sense of belonging. Now with “Tall Girl 2” released we are all sitting on the edge of our seats, wondering if we’ll get the covideted Twitter notification mentioning “Tall Girl 2” or if the trend is finally over and we will move onto the next horrible movie.