Lake Oswego lacrosse coach retires after 17 years


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Coach Lauren Anderson enjoys time outside with loyal companion.

Reilly Mullen, Social Media Manager

Volume 71, Issue 1

October 3, 2022

Lauren Anderson devoted 17 years of her life to creating the family that is the Lake Oswego Girls Lacrosse program. In the many years she spent there she coached many notable alumni who went to play at numerous collegiate programs. Her coaching did not only pertain to lacrosse but off the field as well. Anderson is leaving with an honorable record of eight state championships and a team of hard-working players. 

In the final year of Anderson’s time here at Lake Oswego she led her team to the state championships once again. Coming out the other side, they did not leave with the first place trophy but as 2022 captain Kate Anders said, “Coming into her successful program, it felt like a lot of pressure to be the best of the best. With her help and ability to teach us more and more about lacrosse, being a good teammate and more importantly growing into a better person.” Anders is a freshman D1 collegiate lacrosse athlete at George Mason.

In the 2022 season Edie Preger was a captain as well who helped lead the team to state. She is a freshman playing D1 lacrosse this year at Eastern Michigan. Prager stated, “ She fought for us to get all the things we deserved and that is hard to find in a high school coach. She put countless hours into our program and it is why we were successful.”

Riley Hertford came out of Lake Oswego High School and left a legacy behind, she graduated with three state championship titles and a commitment to play at University of Southern California. “She truly wants the best for her players and will do anything to make it happen. Many of us who have gone on to play in college can contribute their success to her building the foundation and opportunities.” Hertford explained. From the same graduating class was Lauren Gilbert, leaving Lake Oswego she carried on her lacrosse career at NorthWestern and made a name for herself in the lacrosse community, “Lauren inspired me to pursue lacrosse beyond high school and she ignited arguably the greatest passion of my young adult life. Lauren has the ability to notice potential in her players and empower them to achieve it. She also taught me that your team is your family.”

Anderson worked side by side for many years with LO’s former trainer Ryan Shepard. Together, they curated many championship worthy athletes. Shepard has positive words on Anderson’s retirement, “She believed, trusted and supported me to help get her team to her championship standards. Her resume as a coach speaks for itself but the imprint and legacy she left on the program will never be replicated.”

Anderson made a name for herself in the community many years ago and that name will remain unforgotten for many years to come.The time and effort put into the program will leave everyone who got to experience it eternally grateful and she has left big shoes to fill.