Sustainability Week offers a multitude of eco-friendly events

Check out all the different ways students and staff can get involved in Sustainability Week.

LOHS Green Team

Check out all the different ways students and staff can get involved in Sustainability Week.

Reilly Mullen, Social Media Manager

Lake Oswego High School’s Sustainability Committee is hosting Sustainability Week Dec. 5 through 9 and you will be disappointed to miss it. Each day of the week has a different emphasis on ways to make our lives more sustainable. 

Monday is all about food, this day will provide better ways to make your meals green. Tuesday is reuse and recycle, the big event of the day is paper making in social studies and Sustainability teacher, Breck Foster’s room during support seminar. There will also be a how-to on getting bills passed in Gerrit Koepping’s room during support seminar.  

Wednesday is climate justice and action. LOHS students will be given the opportunity to head down to Salem to talk to the representatives about a bill for climate education. If you are not able to go to this field trip science teacher Jeff Goodrich is also screening an environmental film.

Thursday is Sustainable Fashion. Wear your thrifted or hand-me-down clothes to show support for sustainability.There will be a clothing stand selling repurposed clothes available for purchase as well as a clothing drive happening.  

Friday is the wrap up of a packed week. It will end with a movie viewing in the auditorium after school from 3:45 to 5:30 p.m. and a discussion with snacks from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. The week will sure keep you busy as well as a great way to show your support for sustainability. 

Chelsea Prasad, a member of the Sustainability committee talked us through the week and the impact that it is sure to have, “Our goal is to get people thinking about the sustainable ways that can impact our daily lives, we also want to spread knowledge.”

 The main event of this week will be the field trip down to Salem on Wednesday, “I am most excited to get down to Salem and talk to the legislators about the bill for climate education,”said Prasad.

 The Field trip is open to all students but the capacity for the bus is very limited. A huge way that you can show your support of sustainability is participating on Thursday in spirit day wearing second hand or hand-me-down clothes. Prasad would also like to remind students, “There will be a clothes donation on Thursday. There is a big emphasis on only the long term goal but also Pasad stated, “A goal we have is to promote awareness about issues impacting people’s daily lives, we want to get others to take action in their own lives.”