Voice acting club uses voice for good

Clio Koh, News Editor

Forming a circle, a group of students muffle their laughter as they try to tiptoe around junior Robin Rosenau, who stands at the circle’s center, blindfolded. Once everyone found a place to be, Rosenau spins and points in a random direction, speaking the required catchphrase of the game: “How are you?”

The chosen student needs to disguise their voice in their response to not be recognized by Rosenau. With only a few seconds to spare, junior Micah Breaden lowers their voice and responds with a gruff, “I’m fine, how are you?” His performance earns an appreciative round of chuckles. Alas, it didn’t fool Rosenau, who pinpoints Breaden as the source.

The game-in-progress is an activity meant to help players explore their voice, and a regular sight within the small, tight-knit Voice Acting club founded by junior Renee Liu. 

“The Voice Acting club is where people can explore the ways their voice can be used, get involved in helping the community in many wayssuch as creating audiobooks for the libraryand have fun with friends. In an average meeting, we record, learn about voice acting and discuss projects to carry out,” said junior Angela Du, club member.  

“We are currently working on completing recordings of Mythology and You and other books in the English curriculum for students with IEPs and other students who would like a more human-friendly recording of required English readings,” said Liu. “[In preparation] we have purchased two studio-quality microphones in addition to microphones that Mr. Thatcher and Mr. Dennis has lent to us.”

“I really enjoy the atmosphere and the people within the club. Everyone is extremely busy with school, so I appreciate them still attending meetings despite their busy schedules. They’re all super nice and fun to work with,” said Rosenau, club secretary.

“I have personally gotten into audio recordings/script readings a lot recently, specifically ASMR recordings on YouTube. They have been nice to listen to when trying to fall asleep, a different thing to listen to from songs. They also provide a surprising amount of amusement and comfort at certain moments. I have been wanting to experiment with voice-acting and storytelling myself for a while now, with both my personal interest and my participation in Speech and Debate, and realized that a group doesn’t exist yet for voice-acting,” said Liu. “[I hope] that through the efforts we put in this year and the next, I can see this group begin to flourish before I have to graduate next year.”

To find out more about the club, join the Google Classroom via code v77uxx4.