ASB lacks organization

Amelia Sabol, Staffer

ASB is trying to restart traditions that were nixed due to COVID and they are doing their best with the resources they have. After seeing one of my best friends perform at Friday Break Live, I got really excited about the idea of performing again. I signed up on the @LOHS.2023 Instagram and waited. I began carefully deciding my setlist, writing and rewriting lyrics. I waited for about three weeks before I got any information. 

I eventually reached out to my friend on ASB to see what the plan was and I got my date. I was so excited. So, I started practicing and practicing and practicing. I took the phrase “practice until your fingers bleed” literally. I was counting down the days until I texted the ASB friend one more time to hear about final details when they told me that some other ASB kids would be subbing in. That caused me a little confusion, why would they schedule me when they weren’t there? Do these other people know how to run sound? Why didn’t they tell me sooner? 

The day arrived, and to say I was anxious was an understatement. That morning, I had spilled coffee all over myself, forgot my phone in my dad’s car and I had hurt my right wrist the night before. It was just a total hot mess. Feverishly watching the clock, I waited until my call time. To top it all off, I tripped and fell down the stairs with my guitar on the way down. That was not my best moment.

I got there and ASB had already set up the stage. I unpacked my guitar and started to tune. Then, I learned that we didn’t have mic stands. One of the fundamental, most important parts of sound equipment, was nowhere to be found. Now, I don’t fault the kids that I worked with for this, I was just incredibly surprised at the lack of organization. They had no idea where it would be. So, I walked down to the choir room and asked for a mic stand. I was sent to the blackbox, the library, then finally the auditorium where I did find the mic stand. 

The next problem was that we couldn’t figure out which cords connected to which speaker. Once we figured that out, the second mic wasn’t plugged into the right section of the sound board. Then, that same mic wasn’t working, so we had to use another one. It all figured itself out eventually, but we were running very short on time. 

Once I got started strumming my guitar and seeing my friends smile and laugh with me while I sang, everything felt right. The performance went great! I thought I sounded good enough, and we had no issues. It was an incredible experience and I am so thankful for the help and support of ASB in this.

My real problem with this whole experience was just how unorganized the entire thing was. From the sign ups to the actual day, everything just didn’t feel planned out. Nobody really knew what they were doing. I don’t blame anyone for not knowing where the stuff was. I am incredibly grateful for their help. But, I did not feel confident that everything was going to work out, and honestly, it made my nerves way worse. 

ASB as an institution generally seems completely disorganized. Nobody really ever understands what’s going on. I mean, what is the Grade race anyway? Who is the toy drive benefiting? When is winter formal going to be? Information is rarely shared in enough detail and time for the majority of the student body to be involved. Very few people even knew that the seniors were taking their class photo on Dec. 12, until they walked into their advisory and were told about it five minutes before the photo was taken. 

 Overall, ASB does a great job of making our school a more fun place. The holiday decorating they did was beautiful! Spirit weeks are always super fun! The people on ASB are some of the kindest and most involved I know. I understand that the job is very difficult, and I am an outsider who does not understand the daily goings on, but, they need some serious overhaul and they need it soon. Honestly, I’m not sure that ASB knows what ASB is doing anymore.