Ava Brenden, Opinions Editor

I often find myself wondering, “Is seeing this photo of some random celebrity not illegal?” The amount of boundaries the paparazzi cross is unbelievable, and I personally believe that they need to have more regulations set to protect celebrities and their autonomy. Time after time, lines are crossed, lawsuits are filed and the paparazzi leaves victorious. 


I feel bad that just because these people are famous their bodies are being violated and publicized for all the world to see. Emma Watson spoke about how when she turned 18, photographers were lying on the ground, waiting to take pictures up her skirt. Turning 18 should not just be an instantaneous change to rights and legality, there should continue to be laws in place protecting people’s bodies. 


Another instance occurred in 2016 when Justin Bieber was photographed standing in a doorway naked. The photo was leaked and immediately went viral, with fans asking, “who’s the girl?” and Ellen even invited him onto her show to chime in on the joke. The whole situation should have never happened. Even if someone is a celebrity, their bodies should not be able to be spread all over the internet without their consent.


Not only does the paparazzi take disdainful photos, they also make crude comments. In 2017 after Taylor Swift had entered back into the spotlight after taking a break to focus on her eating disorder, she was met with everything but support. They continually called her “fat,” and when she was visibly upset because of those comments, they began taking photos. The paparazzi are out of touch and push celebrities to their breaking points truly displaying that their job titles need to be revoked.


It is said that because these people are public figures and the pictures are taken in public places are perfectly legal. But who is a public figure and who isn’t, are all pictures of these figures legal and what if the paparazzi takes a photo on public property of someone in private property? None of these questions have answers, There needs to be limits put on the paparazzi to ensure that boundaries are not crossed and lives are not ruined because of unwanted photos taken.  If I were to write a description of the paparazzi I would call them overbearing stalkers who do not have lives of their own.